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Animation is the technology of creating a stimulus of movement by exhibiting a series of pictures, or frames, one after another, in a specified duration, so as to create a moving effect. Animation on computers is one of the key ingredients of the world of multimedia. One of the main aspects of this ever-popular world of multimedia is animated screensavers. Animated screensavers create an illusion of the moving images and figures on the display screen.

Most people might think of screensavers as just a bunch of animated scenes or beautiful pictures sitting on their PC desktop. One will be surprised to learn that a screen saver helps an individual in more ways than one, such as:

  • With many of the relaxing screensaver themes available today, simply watching can reduce one’s stress levels significantly.
  • It helps in protecting the computer screen from image burn.

While downloading an animated screensaver, there are risks (since it’s an executable file) that one should be aware of, namely spyware, viruses and Trojans. All these little anti agents can be packaged into the screen saver file and thus can infect the computer when installed.

Now the best way to protect the PC from spyware and viruses is to follow these simple steps:

  • To check for image quality by previewing the animated screensavers. In general high quality animations or images are more likely to be produced by a genuine business.
  • To make a note of the website where one is taken into while trying to download an animated screensaver. If the download site looks unprofessional or has a dubious web address then it could be risky to download any of their files.
  • To look for guarantees, like better quality screensaver download sites will prominently display some sort off virus and spyware guarantee.

By using the above three point’s together one can stand the best chance of protecting his or her system from viruses and spy ware when downloading screensavers.

These animated screensavers are created with the help of digital computers and specialized animation software like flash, director, Microsoft GIF animator, and many others. There are large numbers of free animated screensavers available on the Internet, offering different themes and categories. These screensavers can be downloaded onto the screen without any hassle, just by simply downloading it from the Internet, free of cost. One can also rely on the different search engines to look for any specific animated screensaver to make the screen look more jubilant. Some popular screensavers are cascading waterfalls, falling snow, moving cartoons, singing Santa, and many others. These animated screensavers which are generally on the display screen are a form of expressing oneself and one’s mood with beauty and style.

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