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Cellfish is one of the leading mobile providers in Europe and North America. If the users complete the quiz and enter their mobile numbers for their results. The users not only receive their IQ results but are matched with other members with similar scores so they can chat and compare scores.

Cellfish IQ Boost uses a scientific method that’s been shown to actually improve your mental faculties. Cellfish IQ booster challenges users to remember audio and visual trends simultaneously. The audio and video portions are tested in tandem, but can be done separately if you choose. The audio and video tests are pretty easy, but when done in tandem, like the test requires, it becomes a real challenge.

Cellfish IQ boost is tricky, exciting and challenging game. Cellfish IQ boost it’s in the brain challenger genre. The entire IQ boost gaming experience occurs on one simple screen. Cellfish IQ boost is a great mental activity that is a lot of fun, but the application is way too simple and one dimensional. IQ boost game comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial, difficulty levels, and test options. Once you’re done with the test, you’re given a score on how many you got right.

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