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Konami made the amphibian really popular with its adorable version Frogger, which had to reach its home on a lily pad, traversing through dangerous streets, roads and river. it was launched as an arcade game in 1981 and was an instant hit amongst the gaming masses, more so the kids who couldn’t lay their fingers off their joysticks. The Frogger has to overcome hurdles such as vehicles on road like trucks, cars, bikes, bulldozers, taxis, bicyclist and virtually everything you can see on the road. In classic frogger game online, there are crocodiles, logs, turtles and alligators as well, all moving horizontally in the river through which Frogger has to be navigated safely. One has to be very careful while playing Frogger because there is only one definition of success, which is to get Frogger and other frogs to reach their homes safely. And the number of ways in which your plans or your efforts or your strategy may get foiled is endless. For example, if you end up touching the face of the alligator while landing on its back, then the game will get over at that very instant.

The game has been upgraded many times since its inception and currently 3d frogger game online is available which is simply fabulous. All the characters and components of it are now in 3d avatar. And the game is now available online at Retrogamer, a gaming site dedicated to the games of yesteryears which had a charm of their own. Here you can also 3d frogger game download. The interface is awesome and the version of it is that is available in is Frogger 2 Swampy’s revenge in which Frogger tries to take a revenge on the evil crocodile Swampy who had abducted the six little siblings of Lillie frog. The whole game is divided into six different stages which vary according to the level of difficulty and in order to emerge victorious, you will have to steer the Frogger through all the stages, successfully. For more frogger game download free and new frogger game online, keep visiting the Retrogamer site on a more frequent basis, because it is here that all the action and fun of yesteryears is.

In order to play frogger game online, you need to find the best site to do so and Retrogamers is the best site. Apart from Frogger, there are other flash games like Track and Field games, Dance Dance Revolution, Double Dribble etc. This is one spot place for all the flash games people ones enjoyed playing and have rediscovered their interest in them. And best is that it provides all the games online, that too absolutely free of cost. For Frogger game online free or for that matter any game from the 80s, just visit Retrogamer. The site is an extension of the popular gaming site and specially designated for the retro games.

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