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How many times have you gone to your favorite mall and landed up in the gaming zone to play dance dance revolution game, the amazing game where you tap your feet to the rhythm of the music according to the patterns displayed on the screen. The game is the ultimate test of your stamina, energy level, eye-ear-feet-mind co-ordination and the spirit to win the game. Its been one of the games that have been famous since the time of their inception and undergone lots of version updates and improvements.

And if you don’t feel yourself upto going to the nearby gaming zone every now and then just to play dance dance revolution arcade game, then here is some good news for you. Thanks to the site Retrogamers, by, you can now play the game online and also compete with other players. Yes, the site, that houses all the famous games of yesteryears that are an all time favorite, amongst the adults as well as the kids. In addition to dance dance revolution online, you can also find here such games such as Track and Field, Frogger, Double Dribble etc.

Dance Dance Revolution was basically launched in the year 1998 and had become an instant rage as it offered the gamers a chance to leave aside the monotony of their hectic schedules and groove to some really cool music. Interestingly, many of the tracks used for the game were composed by the in-house composers at Konami, the game manufacturer. Previously it was an arcade game meant only for common consoles but was later developed for the online community as well and many people became addicted to playing dance dance revolution computer game online. .

There are many modes in which one can play the game and every mode is as interesting as another. Namely there are eight different modes, which are nonstop modes, workout mode, Event mode, Unison mode in which two players dance to a specific tune and pattern, Battle mode which first featured in Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix, Step Battle mode etc. The difficulty varies according to stages and difficulty is different for different modes as well. It had risen considerably when dance dance revolution hottest party was released and much more when dance dance revolution hottest party 2 was released. In addition to the feet movement, it also required movement on the part of hands, in perfect co-ordination with the feet.

It was the amazing popularity of the game and the addiction of the gamers towards it that prompted the manufacturers to first come up with the version of it on consoles and then dance dance revolution computer game. This allowed more and more people to play the game and on a more frequent basis. There are some sites that provide paid access to this game but then why pay when there is Retrogamers, which provides an opportunity to play the game absolutely free. You can even win loads of prizes and also compete with other players.

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