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For the true sportsperson in you, who likes to stretch, strategize and revel in the spirit of netting the ball through the basket, play double dribble online free at It’s one of the best games of yesteryears which was designed for people who couldn’t think anything beyond the legendary game of basketball, which is still very much in vogue. Launched in 1986, as an arcade game, it was soon enhanced for the platforms like Nintendo, XBOX, PSP and internet. You don’t really need to be a PSP or PS2 owner to play double dribble basketball game because the bestseller game, as said before is available in its online avatar on Apparently, you don’t have to pay anything or shell out any amount of money to play double dribble here. And why only double dribble, virtually all the games are free to play and download here. is managed by, one of the best gaming and winning portals on the World Wide Web. The website has been rightly named because you only stand to win here and that too loads and loads of points, money and merchandise.  You can compete with players from the other parts of the world and beat them in one to one competition or play double dribble online for free in clans. The winners win a lot of things and if they are located in US and Canada, then they stand to win cash prizes as well. Isn’t it amazing?? The moment I was there, I was in complete awe of the site and the number of games it had and all of them free free free.

The reason why double dribble game online had caught instant attention was the rich array of graphics it had. People simply enjoyed them. At appropriate times during the game, star-spangled-banner would play. Evidently, it was for the first time that the American National Anthem was used as a sound score for a game. There were four teams and you had the option of either competing with the computer or taking on the heat on your friend by challenging him to a game. In between, the players of either team would perform classic slam dunks, which perhaps were equivalent in strength to those performed by the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan.

To play double dribble game online, you need a high speed internet connection and that’s all. You can even download the game on your system and play whenever you feel like but that won’t give you the chance to compete with other players. For the real kicks, you need to play online and be the master of the game. Another cool thing about the game is that you may adjust it to suit your needs, for example you may extend the time or the number of teams. Moreover, the game play is really simple and since every thing is decided by the number of basket you or your opponent has shot, there is no much for wracking your brains over strategizing. Its cool and smooth and really fun.

Play Double Dribble Online Free – Click Here To Play

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