Track and field free online pc games for kids

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When Konami released the track and field games to play way back in 1983, hardly did it expect it to be such a smash hit. The games took the entire world of fun games by storm and were even considered ideal for kids. Now, more than 25 years down the line, when gaming is more about adventurous and adrenaline-rush games like Counter Strike, Need For Speed, WarCraft Dot etc, the Track and Field games still hold much of their charm and continue to attract players from over the world. What was the real reason for this sudden resurfacing of the trackandfield games?? Well, in the year 2008, the games went online, as in they could now be played on networks and obviously the internet.

Retro fashion is always appreciated in virtually all the walks of life, be it clothing, fashion, jewelry, movie or even food. So why games should be left behind? With this motto in mind, Retrogamer, an extension of the famous has come up with free online track field games. The game is a direct version of the classic track field game that was mostly inspired by the Olympics. All the original six events are be participated in by the players, namely 100m Dash, Long Jump, Javelin, 110m Hurdles, Hammer Throw and High Jump. In addition to these many new additions have also been made so as to make track and field games for pc much more fun and interesting. These track field games online can be played by a single player or multiple players, at most four, can compete against each other. In the single player game, the role of competitor is taken up by the computer of the ‘CPU’ player. In multiple player game, two teams consisting of two players each challenge each other in each of the events and whichever team manages to complete the feat within the qualifying time, is given the green signal to proceed to the next round.

These track and field free games at Retrogamer are seriously superb. The user interface is really friendly and interacting and the main mode of winning still continues to be incessant button bashing, as it used to be at the time when the games were launched. But before you start playing, just go through all the tricks and techniques of scoring and qualifying in the next stage in each of the events. Ardent players over the years have experimented in multiple ways and have come up with various tips to successfully play track and field games online.

The games here are so informative that they are the most preferred when it comes to track and field games for kids. Not only do the kids learn about the various sporting events which are a part of Olympics, but also learn how to strategize and win a tournament. So visit Retrogamer if you are looking for the best track and field games free online.

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