A screensaver/wallpaper is a type of computer program initially designed to prevent “Phosphor burn-in” on CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving images or patterns when the computer was not in use. Today, screensavers are also used for entertainment or security purposes. It is also an outlet for the work of creative computer programmers.

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Screensavers have advanced to the point that they deliver Real Time Images on their displays. Screensaver software can also be used as a rudimentary security measure. Many screensavers can be configured to ask users for a password before permitting the user to resume work. However, a user might be able to circumvent the password by restarting the computer if the computer’s owner has set their account to automatically log in upon startup.

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3D & Animation Screensavers

Three dimensional animated screensavers have depth and design in it. Screen savers have multi-dimensional features that include dancers, fireworks, lightening, etc. It is also having fully orchestrated mutable soundtrack for maximum entertainment in original 3D dimensions.

Animals Screensavers

We have a huge collection of animal screensavers which are very realistic in nature and all the screensavers are animated with 3D effects on it. They are professionally made and most popular screensavers.

Babes & Hunks Screensavers

Exotic and cool babes & hunks screensavers are available with fully orchestrated mutable soundtrack for maximum entertainment in original 3D dimensions. Lots and lots of screensavers are available for absolutely free of cost!

Cats & Dogs Screensavers

Some of the cutest dogs and cat’s screensavers are available for decorating your desktop. These animated dogs and cats’ screensavers look like a real life pets walking on your screen. You can set as many screen savers as you wish without any cost!

Holidays Screensavers

Show off your holiday mood by choosing to display holiday related screensavers on your desktop. We have huge collection of holiday screen savers for you to choose from. Screensavers like Christmas screensavers, Easter screensavers, Halloween screensavers, Cinco de Mayo screensavers, Hanukkah screensavers, Mothers day screensavers, Fathers day screensavers, News year screensavers, Valentine’s Day screensaver and much more are available for free!

Nature Screensavers

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Space Screensavers

Screensavers with deep space, astronauts and space shuttle screensavers are available for free. These screensavers gives you the feel that you are really in to space. The space screensavers will look so real that you will be looking at it again and again.

Sports Screensavers

A really cool and adventurous sports screensavers like surfing screensavers, baseball screensavers, basketball screensavers, football screensavers, world cup screensavers and much more are available for free!

Transport Screensavers

A really stylish and cool screensavers like motorcycle screensavers, sport car screensavers, sports car screensavers, classic cars screensavers, ship screensavers, sail boat screensavers and much more are available for free!

Travel Screensavers

A really excellent and fantastic collection of screensavers such as famous landmarks screensavers, amusement park screensavers, ancient civilizations screensavers etc are available in plenty. Screen saver collections such as Asia, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, USA screensavers are also available for free!