Animated smiley for orkut communities

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With the collection of in built orkut smileys not enough, many designers have come up with their own animated smileys for orkut.  This smileys are freely available on the internet and orkut can users can use on their profile. These smileys can not only be used in scrapbook but can also be used in orkut communities. You can get much more wide range of animated smileys for orkut if you’re using browser like Mozilla Firefox.

There are many add on for Mozilla Firefox that gives you virtually unlimited number of animated smileys for orkut. All you have to do is to install this add ons from the Mozilla add ons pages. This is way it’s very user friendly because all you have to do is to select the desired smiley from the new installed toolbar and use it on orkut. You don’t even have to remember the code for these smileys. If you are not ready to try out the previous method, then you can go for the simple method.

There are various website which have designed new animated smiley for orkut communities and scrapbooks. All you have to do is to search for this websites through various search engines. You will find the list of smileys for orkut posted on their site. This list of will have the code given along with smiley. You just have to copy the code of your favorite smiley and paste in the orkut scrapbook or communities. So once you post the scrap or post in the orkut community, the code will automatically change into the smiley as shown on those websites.

The only problem with the second method is that every time you have to open the required website which has the list of animated smileys posted. As these smiley are nothing but images posted on other websites and you just embed into your orkut scraps or communities. Another problem you might face is that smileys won’t appear after few days if they have been removed from their original site. But all this trouble is worth it once you check out these wonderful and beautifully designed smileys for orkut. They literally make your conversations with friends more interesting and animated and they not just add smile to your face but also on the faces of your friends too.

With orkut getting boring now a days and facing tough competitions from rival social networking sites, such added features like animated smileys for orkut gives everyone one of us one more reason to stay on orkut and make conversations with our friends more interesting and lively. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for those animated smileys for orkut on the internet and start using while scrapping your friends on orkut or while having animated discussions on orkut communities. I am sure those animated smileys will definitely give you added advantage while debating on orkut communities.

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