Zwinky is an avatar or personalized character images that can be created to represent you in any networking site or blog that support zwinkies. Zwinkies are completely customizable avatars which can be changed at any point of time. It’s a representation of you to the online world.


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Bonus: Also includes MyFunCards, CursorMania, PopularScreenScreensavers, SmileyCentral, the MyWebSearch search box and Search Assistant – relevant search results in response to misspelled or incorrectly formatted browser address requests.

No Membership or Registration Required, just a free download and you can just start to create your own Zwinky.

Toolbar Features: Works with most IM, Email & Blog applications – as well as social sites like My Space and MSN Spaces!

This is an unexplored online world where most people have started to realize. It is absolutely safe and it also a perfect platform where people from different parts of world tend to mingle with each other without any hesitation.

On April 29, 2007, Zwinky 2.0 or “Zwinktopia” was launched. The most prominent feature is a persistent world for Zwinky avatars to inhabit. Within this world Zwinkies can purchase dorm rooms to live in and decorate using items purchased with Zbucks or a Zcard, the Zwinky debit card. Zbucks can be earned by visiting areas and playing games within Zwinktopia, and by inviting friends to create their own Zwinkies. Zbucks can be also be added to Zcards using PayPal or a major credit card.

A personal touch makes us feel important and different from others. In addition to our personal touch to a web page or to our chat capabilities, or online community profiles, Zwinkies really helps to develop a healthy relationship between people. With the help of this software any user by creating his very own Zwinkey can represent himself. Zwinkeys help in making any website more funky and attractive. Zwinkies are the new mantra or new dimension to this growing online world that is fast catching up with people of all ages. It is an interesting alternative to the people who may use it instead of their own picture and thus safeguard their own identity.

Zwinkys cartoon characters have become rage throughout the world. The Zwinky toolbar can be easily added to the web browser and instant messenger. Customization of the Zwinky or avatars can be performed depending upon the frame of mind, to suit your mental disposition on that particular day. The best point about using a Zwinky is that you can give the Zwinky the image that you yourself want; dress him up as a cute little boy, muscular guy or a super cool dude, anything you want. Everything depends upon you, and that has played a major role in its success.

Now if you want to have your own Zwinky then you will have to follow a few uncomplicated steps. First, you need to do is to download the Zwinky software. After that you will have to install the software, and then all you need to do is to login and create your own Zwinky and you are ready to explore the world of Zwinktopia.

Zwinkys can be used in MySpace, Blogger, Friendster, MSN Messenger, AIM Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Outlook/Outlook Express, Private Web pages and more…

The reasons to choose Zwinky avatar ahead of others like Yahoo! Avatars, Meeboo, WeeMee etc is that Zwinkies are absolutely customizable, trendy, cool and above all for the virtual world “Zwinktopia”.